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Cheese Factory

ABC Farms is dedicated to consistence in quality and innovation in the development of new varieties of cheese, all of which are using microbial plant rennet so the vegetarian cheese is perfectly suited to the Indian palette. Always experimenting with different varieties of cheese and new flavours, the ABC Farms’ cheese platter boasts of over 70 varieties of cheese from aged Cheddar to French after dinner cheese ripened in wood ash or charcoal to a Buffalo Mozzarella or even a Blue Cheese!!

The cheese factory is situated in Koregaon Park, Pune where there is a daily production of milk products as well as a retail store from which it is all sold.


One of the farms is located at Dehu Road, on the outskirts of Pune, with many acres of lush farmland. The organic methods used for farming are in harmony with maintaining and enhancing the local ecology. Also grown here is organic brown rice and black rice along with other grains, herbs and some vegetables. This farm has Holstein Cows and Swiss Saanen Goats and all the farm milk is Organic as well.