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Annual Cheese Festival

A tradition of good food is apparent at the annual ABC Farms Cheese Festival. Every November/December we set up a fair where enthusiasts and curious folks come in and enjoy our cheese with wine, cheesecakes, good food and lots more. The first few fests were held in the early nineties and now the cheese fest has become popular with people from all over coming in and looking forward to it every year.

The ABC Farms Cheese Festival was started for people to come together and get a better understanding of cheese and all the different varieties we offer. We put out a long cheese board with over 20 different blocks of cheese for people to taste, understand, enjoy and buy. Every year, new and innovative varieties are added to the list. Discover our fun varieties like Coffee cheese, stinking bishop cheese, Kiwi cheese, Black Currant cheese, Organic Smoked cheese, Sundried Tomato and Basil cheese, Cherry Brandy cheese besides the regular all-time favourite Boursin Paprika cheese. Our home made German cheesecakes (strawberry, chocolate, mango, lemon, apple, apricot and almond, etc) and Quiches are a sell out!

The Cheese Festival has become so popular that we also have chef demos and competitions along with a host of other people joining us and participating with their own stalls to add to the fun.

And to make the experience really wholesome we invite wine companies to set up shop for sampling and sale of their wines.

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Photo Gallery - Annual Cheese Festival 2014