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Jade Magazine, June 2009

Chinoy offers exotic cheeses, spanning a variety of shapes, sizes, aromas, textures and tastes and is regularly visited by connoisseurs of cheese from India and abroad.

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The Sunday Express, July 2009

In Pune, Chinoy has flavoured cheese with oregano and chives, whisky and walnuts, cognac and almond – they are a big hit at Parsi weddings. He even has a variety flavored with curry leaves. Truly, a taste of India.

DNA November, 2008

Sohrab Chinoy, Managing Director of ABC Farms Pvt. Ltd. believes in providing his customers with natural cheese. And hence, no inorganic fertilisers and sprays are permitted on the farm which is spread over 41 acres of land at Dehu Road. With a modest beginning in 1976, the ABC farms has now become one of the biggest cheese producers in India.

Economic Times, 2006

Mr. Chinoy recalled a time when a customer asked for some Wilstermarsch cheese, a mild German table cheese which goes well with breakfast, grilled or burgers. He made some and now they regularly have it at home and sell in the market.

Business India, 2001

Known for 25 years for its cheese and milk products, ABC has over the past decade been making waves in the restaurants' business too. With five speciality restaurants in the complex, offering cuisine including Swiss cheese dishes such as Fondue, Raclette and Roesti, Mexican, Thai, Hyderabadi and Japanese-Italian, farmer founder Sohrab Chinoy has five more courts under his wing, including three in Calangute, Goa.

Times of India

A.B.C. Farms Pvt. Ltd. manufactures quality products that conform to exacting standards. Chinoy interjects emphatically, The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low cost is forgotten