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Dairy and Hospitality

Natural Soft Cheese


An Italian soft creamy cheese, this one is a fresh cheese made from cows milk and is white in colour.


Mascarpone is popularly used as an ingredient in desserts, the most famous being a Tiramisu. It can also be used to thicken risottos or as the base for a cheese dip.

Cream Cheese

A soft creamy cheese which is like a Philadelphia cream cheese.


Cream Cheese can be used as a spread or as a dip and is a popular ingredient for many savoury and sweet recipes. It is popularly used to make cheesecakes as well.


A fresh German cheese made from cow's milk which is soft and has a sour taste.


It is very popularly used to make cheesecakes and other desserts. It is also used as an ingredient in salads and other recipes.


An Italian soft creamy and slightly grainy cheese.


It is used in a number of different savoury as well as sweet recipes for cooking.

Cheese Dips

Hungarian Laptauer Dip/Garlic & Chives Dip/Rahm Quark Mustard Dip.


It is used as a dip either with plain bread sticks, potato chips or even raw cut salad like carrots or cucumber.

Smoked Scamorza

An Italian cow milk cheese, it is similar to a mozzarella and has a shape similar to the figure 8. It is smoked and has a stretch when melted.


It is used normally for baking.

Cow Milk Mozzarella

A stringy fast melting cow milk cheese which is used melted over pizza.


For cooking, usually for pizzas.

Buffalo Milk Mozzarella

A smooth, soft, creamy fresh mozzarella made from buffalo milk which is best eaten fresh. It has a slightly bland taste.


It is mostly used in salads but also in some recipes for cooking.


Also a fresh buffalo milk cheese made in the shape of small balls. It is a fresh smooth and creamy cheese.


It is mostly used in salads but also in some recipes for cooking.


Originally a Lebanese cheese similar to paneer high in salt content. It is a hard to semi soft cheese similar to the Indian Paneer. It has a very high melting point so it does not melt easily.


It is used in cooking or as a vegetarian steak.


This is an Italian Cow Milk Cheese. It is like a full flavoured mozzarella.


It is usually a cooking cheese and is popularly used in sandwiches as well.